Harness Success: Dynamic Sports Recruiting Videos

The #1 Tool for Athletes: Elevate Your Game with Dynamic Sports Recruiting Videos. Are you a rising star in the world of sports? Unlock unparalleled opportunities with our cutting-edge sports recruiting videos. We create highlight videos for all types of athletes, from softball recruiting videos to soccer any sport you name, we do it. We offer comprehensive sports recruiting services tailored to show your skills in the best light.

  ESPN-style graphics 

  Player Isolation

  Slow Motion Replay

  Sports Expert Analysis

  Delivered Online

  100% Satisfaction Guarantee  

We believe in sports and teams believe in Prohighlighter.

Professional Features

Pro graphics, player isolation, in-video player information, instant replay, custom team colors

Excellent Customer Service

We’re not satisfied unless you’re happy with your highlight video. Call us, email us…visit us!

Great Value

Other services cost twice as much as Prohighlighter for a lesser product and half the video impact.

Are you an athlete looking to showcase your skills and stand out from the competition? Look no further! Our team of experts is here to help you create a top-tier highlight reel tailored just for you. With our personalized service, you can submit your game footage, name, jersey number, club details, and an athletic photo, and we will meticulously craft a standout highlight reel that captures your finest moments.

Why You Need a highlight Video

College coaches are extremely busy; it would be impossible for them to travel the country to evaluate every potential recruit. Highlight videos are a chance to get student-athletes in front of coaches and give them an unbiased look at their skills and abilities. Get yours today with prohighlighter!

Competitive Pricing

Explore our three packages below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. The biggest bang for your buck is right here with Prohighlighter.


Our most affordable way to make a quick highlight video
$ 65 one time purchase
  • Up to 15 Plays submitted
  • You submit the play times
  • Usually 3-4 minutes long*
  • All Highlights Features*
  • Intermittent Instant Replay*
  • Uploaded to YouTube
  • Free Download (of original finished video file)


Our most popular option to create your official recruiting and commemorative highlight video
$ 90 one time purchase
  • Up to 30 Plays submitted
  • We analyze the game film ourselves and catch their best moment
  • Usually 5-6 minutes long*
  • All Highlights Features*
  • Intermittent Instant Replay*
  • Uploaded to YouTube
  • Free Download (of original finished video file)


We specialize in creating captivating highlight videos for athletes across all sports. From the intensity of the soccer pitch to the finesse of a golf swing, we tailor our expertise to showcase the unique talents of athletes from various disciplines. Our commitment is to deliver personalized and compelling highlight reels that capture the essence of every sporting achievement, ensuring that each athlete’s story is told with passion and precision.